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Rita Mahajan

Dr. Rita RakinieMahajan known shortly as Dr. Rita Mahajan is a PhD in Quantum Energy Medicine from the International University for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Director of WOQEM Research Center. She is dynamic, straight forward and explores new subject with great passion. She has delivered many lectures in various platforms. She is a Transformational trainer, great motivator, Pioneer in many subjects.

She was the first one in India to manufacture Medical Surgical instruments from Cardiovascular to orthopedic to Ophthalmic Instruments. She has done it all in the field of Medical Surgical Instruments since 1984 to 2009.

Currently her passion is to create a DISEASE free Planet earth. Her vision is to create, teach, train new paradigm Doctors in energy medicine. She is ready to teach anyone who is interested to learn and change their course of lives.

In her pursuit for perfection, she has been exploring Quantum Physics and its newly redefined realms of Human body from Russia to America. She has brought in many new technologies for Energy Medicine to India.

Organized Conferences such as 1st World Parliament on Spirituality, WOQEM 2016, WOQEM 2017 and the WOQEM 2018. Leader in her own right she has been instrumental in bringing new thinking and approach to every health issues.

She organizes her workshops on COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION, CONSCIOUS PARENTING, QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE, AURA AND CHAKRA, Sound /Music therapies and many more.

Advanced in her technologies, she has the credit of making the impossible a possibility by working with the DNA of the human body in a way the results are obvious. With her clairvoyance abilities, she shocks people in her understanding of her clients.

She has written books on AURA AND CHAKRA A new perspective, Tools for Manifestations, KumbMela 2013


Born and brought up in Kadappa Dist A.P. Has worked in managerial positions in the Banking sector. He took volunteer retirement to serve the Poor and needy. He is a Reiki Grand Master and has healed many impossible cases for several years.

His inner call has brought him to the Spirituality and therefore along with few like minded people, he founded PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETY MOVEMENT and was instrumental in building the biggest Pyramid in India at Pyramid Valley, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

Twice served as Managing Trustee and contributed in the smooth running of the Ashram. He is currently serving as Founder Trustee member at the Ashram. Lives a simple life of meditation and service.

He has been inspired with the VISION of the Quantum University and therefore, joining together few like minded people started WOQEM Research Center Pvt.Ltd., and QUEHST Research Foundation.

He is currently the Managing Director of WOQEM Research Center.

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