WOQEM Conference 2017

Rita Mahajan

Rita Mahajan is born to an Army officer as a elder daughter and brought up by her Mother who is a house wife. She had her initial education in a Convent school and went on to do her graduation in commerce in St. Joseph's evening college and worked during the day time. Had acquired skills during this 5 yrs time and immediately after graduation started her business of surgical instruments supply company in the year 1984 in Bangalore. While doing her business she studied further and acquired MBA, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology and also many certification program from IISC.

Founder member of AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka) in theyear 1984. Awarded by Govt. in 1984 as YOUNG ENTERPRENUER of Karnataka.

Additional Secretary General for 1 st World Parliament on Spirituality, Founder COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION techniques, CONSCIOUS PARENTING™ RESEARCH FOUNDATION & AURA AND CHAKRA reader.

  • She started an industry in Mysore in the year 1987 and established a name and networkof suppliers all over the country and abroad for Surgical Instruments. Today well known in the market for quality Ophthalmic products. She has developed unique surgical instruments for Cataract operations and a name in the market for the cutting edge products. Another Industry she started in 1996 Bangalore for the DISPOSABLE eye products.

  • She has been a trainer at LANDMARK EDUCATION as Forum In Action Seminar Leader, Self Expression and Leadership Program Leader, Introduction to Forum Leaders Program and Assistance programs from 1991 to 1999 in the pioneering work of TRANSFORMATIONAL workshops called FORUM. Had lead several seminars in this Institute.

  • Joined Lions clubs International in the year 1999 and carried on to provide leadership and held most of the coveted posts and been recognized with awards from the international for Leadership abilities. Under her guidance started LIONS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE DIST 324 D6 in the year 2005-06 and designed a project for the young generation of our country called BUILD INDIA movement. Touched around 60000 young Indians thru this program Currently Global Leadership Team member in Lionsclubs International.

  • Simultaneously had been seeking spiritual mastery and undergone training and skills under many Gurus more so from the west. Since 2011 conducting programs' in COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION WORKSHOPS. This program is unique in RE - CALIBERATING THE ENTIRE BIOLOGICAL BODY and transforming people in a single day workshop. Conducts other workshops on CONSCIOUS PARENTING, EMPOWRMENT OF THE NEW AGE YOUTH, MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE &EMPOWEMENT OF THE WOMEN, ASCENSION TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES, AURA & CHAKRA reading etc.,

  • 2012 she provided the required impetus for the 1st WORLD PARLIAMENT ON SPIRITUALITY a unique platform for the world leaders to come together and re define the WORLD PARLIAMENT, GOVERNANCE, COMMUNAL HARMONY and its importance in the emerging world order. More than 200 speakers participated in this 5 day workshop at Hyderabad. Traveled the world over and being enlightened and enlightening. She truly believes in providing the space for everyone to be WHO THEY ARE" and can speak on any subject concerning Humanity and their near future.

  • Recently presented a Paper on AURA AND CHAKRA and its importance in an International Astro-Vedic Jyothish Conference during Poorna Kumb 2013 at Allahabad, Holicon, Trichur, etc., Lectured on GOD AND GENETIC CODE in Vedanthri Maharishi’s workshop, given many lectures and training in Interanational schools and medical organizations.

  • Written 3 books on AURA & CHAKRA – A new Perspective with case studies, KUMB MELA – my divine experience & VIRTUAL VISUAL TOOLS FOR MANIFESTION waiting to be published.

  • Intention is to WAKE UP to the potential of who we are and becoming that which is!

  • Having invited by Pyramid valley International to be in charge of Medlab she has exhibited and showed her skills to bringing a change in around 4000plus people.

  • She has been instrumental in bringing in many scientists of repute from across the world for the WORLD OF QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE CONFERENCE 2016, QUANTUM ACTIVATIVISM INTENSIVE and leading the way in starting the QUEHST Research Foundation one of its kind University to teach QUANTUM WORLDVIEW.

  • After completing her assignment at the Medlab, she has started WOQEM Research center pvt.ltd., a space for preventive care and learning SPIRITUAL SCIEINTIFIC REALM. Her vision is to have A HEALTHY HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH.