World of Quantum Energy Medicine WOQEM Research center Pvt.Ltd. is started I the year 2016 with a thrust on to bring to the forefront of the latest WISDOM of the Quantum Energy Medicine, going for new approaches in understanding the human body as a holistic network of frequencies rather than ‘chemistry’, ‘physiology’ or ‘physical structure’. It is networking with all the scientists of the world to bring in their latest innovations and knowledge to provide solutions to the health issues. Where all else is tried and tested and failed, we begin and provide solutions!


  • To bring to awareness the Quantum understanding of our Lives, body, Mind, Emotions, and Soul.
  • To promote the knowledge and understanding of Quantum energy therapies through these conferences and workshops.
  • To Develop a supportive, multidisciplinary community of practitioners.
  • To provide a link to update information about ongoing research on Energy medicine and the energy therapies and technology.
  • To provide a platform for Researchers, Practitioners, and professionals from all fields of Health care to unite and redefine the process to support humanity.


WOQEM Research Center Pvt.Ltd., commitment is to promote the practice of complementary and integrative healthcare with an emphasis on Quantum Energy Medicine therapies and related fields of the spiritual scientific approach to every day healthy living.