Dr. I.V. Reddy


Born in the year 1952 in a village in cuddapah dist, Andharapradesh.

He studied in Ttirupathi from High school to university. He is a post graduate in History and Telugu.He is a former banker and one of the founder Trustees of Pyramid Spiritual Trust(India),Bangalore. At his inner call he moved to Bangalore resigning for his lucrative Job and played a vital role in the development of PYRAMID VALLEY, a spiritual centre organized by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India).He was treasure for one term and Managing Trustee for two terms.

He is a REIKI grand master, Melchizidec method, Karuna REIKI and also Magnified healing since 1977 .He has rich experience in the energy healing as a Master and Therapist. He had conducted number of workshops in REIKI and Karuna REIKI since 1977 and trained hundreds of people in Energy healing.

  • He is one of the founder Directors of WOQEM research centre Pvt, Ltd in Bangalore, an organization dedicated for research of quantum energy medicine, an ancient Spiritual system now being validated in scientific way. He is the ardent believer of energy medicine through which one can live healthy life forever and promoting quantum energy medicine. He is also a qualified Nutritionist.

  • He has completed advance level in Varmam, an ancient traditional healing system of South India. He has also completed diploma in it and an authorized Varmam teacher.