Hydrotherapy Spa


Good blood circulation is key to good health. Blood circulation not only transports nutrients and oxygen around our body, it also carries out the important function of removing waste and toxins. However, the pressures and lifestyle of modern society provides us with little opportunity for exercise to achieve good blood circulation on a daily basis. As a result, society today is plagued by countless ailments from gradual long term health deterioration

5 Benefits

  • Internal Warming: Probably the most important benefit of the SG2000 Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy is Internal Warming. We can liken this to what is achieved after a vigorous 30mts exercise, when yu feel heat being emitted from within the body. Internal warming increased our body temperature and boosts the immune system, metabolic rate and stimulates the creation of blood cells.
  • Blood circulation: A 15mts soak with the SG2000 Hydrotherapy is equivalent to a 3-5km slow jog in energy exchange and 200-300 calorie loss.Increased cellular activity also raises energy level, improves delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the organs, and the removal of toxins, Heavy metal toxins are removed in perspiration during Hydrospa. Good blood circulation increases metabolism.
  • Full body Massage: All 320 main acupressure points of your body is massaged by millions of tiny air blubbles (46 litres of air/second) at a comfortable massage pressure of 1.5kgs/cm2. Traditional body massages often leave bruises on the body the next day because body tissue is compressed at a too great a pressure. Lynphatic drainage is improved an internal organs are massaged as well. Chinese physicians liken the SG2000 Hydrotherapy to a hydro-acupuncture. Even acupressure points at our pirvate areas which physicians and masseurs cannot reach, can be massaged using the SG2000
  • Ultrasound is used industrially for cleaning purposes. With 10,000-15000 microtremors produced per second, ultrasound is able to vibrate the dirt and grime from the deep within the pores and achieve the effects of a body scrub.
  • Body Contouring: 46lts of air bubbles are emitted at high speeds to massage the areas which you wish to tone. Simply relax at the right positions in the tube for a targeted body contouring and firming. SG2000 Ultrasonic Hydrospa is also able to remove water retention in the body. With 200-300 calories lost in energy with a 15mt session, combined with the right diet, slimming can be achieved.