SE 5 Radionics

SE 5 Radionics

If you're new to subtle field systems, you'll find that the SE-5 1000 delivers sophisticated solutions to your research needs.

It can deliver a perfect interface to IDFs, Subtle Energy and Biofields most often found in Radionic research. Moreover, it is often the system of choice for small business or home users who want a professional instrument that's simple to understand and use.

As all parts of a biofield are interrelated, researchers report that it is important to: neutralize all negative or interfering energies (stressors) in the system; balance or re establish the normal vibrations of the whole; in addition to the specific problem or imbalance. Stressors become a problem only when the biofields natural balance is disturbed.

The greater the harmony between the universal mind and the individual mind, the more rapidly the biofield or specific conditions can be normalized. Mind and matter are inter related. A change in one results in a change in the other. Attitude is most important as energy follows thought. Thought is affected by the energy contained in matter. Frequency is thought in action.

Being able to measure the presence of a particular energy rate or signal allows one to observe changes in that signal resulting from application of balancing energy, be it from allopathic, homeopathic, radionic, laying-on-of-hands or other sources of therapy..