WOQEM Conference 2017

Dr.Yogi Deveraj

EDUCATION : M.A (Eco), B.Com, LL.B, CAIIB, YICC, DAT, NDDY, PGDHRM, LMICAS, M. Sc-Yoga, Jythoish Visharad, M.D (AM), and M. Phil-Yoga,(Ph. D-Yoga)

SPECIALACHIEVEMENTS : Undertaken PADAYATRA (walkathon) fromKanyakumari (TamilNadu) to New Delhi (around 3000 Kms.) from January 12, 2006 to August 14, 2006; visiting 9 States and 38 districts. Held more than 40 press meets, and visited more than 600 educational organizations. The motive of the walkathon was “Interlink all Rivers in India and supply water to all villages”.

Contact: +91 94491 66245
Email: devarajyoga58@gmail.com
Web: www.atmadarshanayoga.in